Collection: Jean Waille Pipes

Jean Waille was a notable French pipe maker renowned for founding the brand "Le Pipier de Lunel." His journey into pipe making began after his travels to Algeria, after which he set up a workshop in Lunel, a town in southern France. Jean's craftsmanship was highly regarded, featuring classic shapes and high-quality briar wood, earning a respected place among pipe enthusiasts. Jean hails from a family deeply embedded in the pipe-making tradition. His father, André Waille, was also a pipe maker, and his brother, Michel Waille, was associated with the EWA brand, which stands for "Etudiants Waille André." EWA is known for producing high-quality pipes, further highlighting the family's influence and contribution to the industry. Though Jean Waille was retired for more than 20 years, he continues to sell his stock of pipes. Even though he has passed away, his legacy continued through his brand and the ongoing appreciation of his work in the pipe smoking community. His family’s involvement in the craft underscores a deep-seated tradition of quality and artistry in pipe making. We have acquired a large amount of the remaining stock of Jean Waille's pipes from family members.