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Barlow and Dorr

Plastic Pipe Stems - 1lb Mix Bag

Plastic Pipe Stems - 1lb Mix Bag

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1 lb bag of assorted molded-plastic pipe stems from France. We found these unused (stored away in the late '70's) in one of the factories we bought and decided to sell as is without sorting further. Again, these are simple molded-plastic, not vulcanite, ebonite or acrylic stems. You get over 50 in a pound. These mix bags have various sizes and shapes, however are for smaller diameter shanks (tenon diameters range from 5.4mm - 8.6mm). Sorry, unable to pick out particular sizes or shaped stems. 

***Please note stem dimensions, we offer many different sizes. When shaping a stem to a stummel, there is never any simple "plug and play". One will need to fashion / drill a bowl stummel to match a desired stem; "putting in some work" is part of the fun in creating your own pipe.
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